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We hate or love
We date or shove
We push and pull
The glass is half empty
Or half full

This life we live
Is not a straight path
It will turn and crack
It will zig and zag

There is no way to see the end
But where it stops will all depend
On the path that you choose
And the things that you lose

So stop planning for tomorrow
And don't live in last May
Cause now tomorrow is today
And today is now yesterday

There's a reason why it's called the past
So stop living in it!
Cause life will go on without you
And the end is coming fast

Instead of dreaming about the future
Find a way to make those dreams come true
Cause someday there won't be a future to dream of
And there will be nothing there to remember you

So instead of dwelling in the past
Start living for the future
Instead of thinking of tomorrow
Love what you have today
Cause it could all be gone in a flash

You better listen to what I've said
Or else you'll slowly waste away
You've got only one life to live
One life to give

Are you gonna watch the world move around you
While you stay in your house and sit?
Or will you make your mark on this world?

It's your life
Own it!
Poem by Me *RockinPyroGal :iconrockinpyrogal:

Written in: 2010
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September 4, 2012
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