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Nothing could change the way I felt
When I met you for the first time
It was almost as if the world had stopped
Like a dream that would never end
A dream that I never wanted to wake up from
At first I thought you were just another guy
But once I truly got to know you
Everything began to change in my life
I try to hide the fact that I liked you
But it gets harder every day
Whenever you're near me
I would stare at you whenever I could
Always hoping that no one would see
But if you looked my way
Our eyes would meet making me freeze
I'd get nervous and scared
Not knowing what to do next
I would sheepishly change my gaze
Paying attention to the teacher again
When I try to talk to you
I'd feel insecure not knowing what to say
When I finally started a conversation with you
I could never manage to look directly at you
You would always look into my eyes
But I could only manage to glimpse into yours
And then I would nervously look away
Whenever you sat near me
My heart begins racing a thousand miles per minuet
When I'm daydreaming
I daydream of you
When I'm sleeping
I see you in my sleep
I try to impress you by the way I act
But sometimes I feel like a fool because of that
You seem to be perfect in every way
So perfect that I feel imperfect around you
It's hard to tell you how I feel right now
But the best way I can tell you
So simple and true
I like you for who you are
So whatever you do just promise me this
Never change yourself
Because it's who you are today
And who you are right now
It's you who made me fall head over heels
You were the one who stole my heart away
Poem by Me *RockinPyroGal :iconrockinpyrogal:

Written in: 2009
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September 4, 2012
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